from by Kold-Blooded

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"Seein' Ghosts"

This is a true story, i get pretty fuckin blown, and i see shadows and apparitions all the time when i smoke. So one day I hit up @JGRXXN with this "Ghost Hunt" sample, and he killed that bitch.

Alot of yall must not know who JGRXXN is.
Do your homework. or keep sleepin, not my problem.

So I would like to give a big s/o and special thanx to @JGRXXN, for not only working with a complete stranger at the time, but for keeping in contact with me, and eventually letting me be apart of his #SCHEMAPOSSE movement. He was one of the ONLY artist who ever asked me where I was at with my music, and told me to stay in touch if i was serious about it. And by now, I know you see us.

So with that said, light up a blunt for the dead.
cuz we killin yall muthaphukkaz.
For after all this I myself will someday become a ghost, but those who live on, i hope you get the messages i have left for you all.

S/O to all my #Schemaposse fam. If they thought 2015 was bad, they ain't seen nothin yet.


from TSUKUYOMI (2015), released July 27, 2015
Written and Performed by J. Green and M. Collins
Produced by J. Green
Mixed by D. Ross